Monday, October 1, 2012

A Neighborhood Walk Down 35th Ave NE - Saturday, October 6th

35th Ave NE Neighborhood Walk
Saturday, October 6th, 9-11AM
Meet in front of NE Branch Library

Back in August, the 35th Ave NE Committee toured six neighborhoods throughout Seattle and Kirkland to see what we thought worked well and not so well.  We took with us the knowledge gleaned from the 7-part Coffee Talk series and looked at what makes other neighborhoods great.  This Saturday, October 6th, from 9AM-11AM, we'll walk down 35th Ave NE to inventory business-types, discuss what works, what doesn't work as well, and where we think are high priority locations.

All are welcome to join us during this walk.  We may also have to stop in some of our local purveyors of edible goodness as part of our business-type inventory.  If you plan on joining us, please come dressed appropriately for a 1 mile-ish walk, bring a camera and note pad to document your thoughts, and come a willingness to discuss your thoughts respectfully with others.  

See you Saturday!

Trade Offs of Land Use Planning - A Coffee Talk Recap

Over the past 7 months, we have been super lucky to have had presentations on a variety of land use planning concepts by a host of brilliant and local planning professionals as part of the Coffee Talk series.  The Coffee Talks were sponsored by the Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT), which is part of the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The final (seventh) of these Coffee Talks was presented on August 23rd by Bill LaPatra with Mithun.  Bill's presentation neatly wrapped a bow around the previous six Coffee Talks and brought many of the concepts together.  His presentation touched on the benefits to businesses, walkability, transportation, and livability from land use planning.  He also touched on how increased density and how it can be done well so it complements, as opposed to competes, with local character and desired outcomes.  There are trade-offs though that come along with these benefits.

If you missed, the last Coffee Talk, a video is below along with a PDF version of Bill LaPatra's presentation for your viewing pleasure.  If you missed any of the previous Coffee Talks, you can link to and watch them all HERE.  As always, the video is of terrible apologies.

Coffee Talk 7: The Trade Offs of Land Use Planning from Wedgwood Community Council on Vimeo.