Sunday, September 7, 2014

Revised Streetscape Guidelines, Supplemental Design Guidelines, & Zoning Recommendations

UPDATE: A BIG THANKS to both the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association and Wedgwood Community Council for endorsing the revised 35th Ave Plan as described below. Please stay tuned as we'll post the next steps for this plan as they become clearer.

On July 31st, the 35th Ave Committee held its 3rd public workshop and unveiled the draft streetscape guidelines, supplemental design guidelines, and zoning recommendations. The participants at the public workshop were given the ability to float around and look at specific parts of the proposal and discuss the proposal with their neighbors, the consultant team, and the 35th Ave Committee. Participants were then asked to provide their feedback.

Following the public workshop, the proposal was then posted online for those in the community who couldn't attend the public workshop. The 35th Ave Committee held a public comment period from August 1-15 so that the community could provide their feedback.

Based on the feedback received from the 3rd public workshop, the public comments, and the data gathered from the previous workshops, the 35th Ave Committee made revisions to the supplemental design guidelines and zoning recommendations.  No revisions were made to the streetscape design guidelines.

In writing the last post and reading through the public comments one thing became clear though, writing about planning concepts and designs that are interrelated as a nonplanner for other nonplanners. Therefore, instead of posting standalone documents for the streetscape design guidelines, supplemental design guidelines, and zoning recommendation, we have prepared the following presentation to help explain the revisions and give context to the overall project.

The presentation below has been added for convenience, however, it does not include animation that may make it easier understand the revisions. CLICK HERE to see the whole presentation with its intended animation.

Over the upcoming week, we will be presenting the revised streetscape guidelines, supplemental design guidelines, and zoning recommendations to the boards of the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association and the Wedgwood Community Councils. Anyone is welcome to come and listen in.
  • Ravanna-Bryant Community Association Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 9th, 7-9PM at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center.
  • Wedgwood Community Council Trustees Meeting: Monday, September 15th, 7:30-9PM at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church Fireside Room.