Survey Results

From June 1st - July 14th 2013, the 35th Ave Committee conducted a survey of those who use the 35th Ave NE business district.  The survey was intended to gather information on how the business district is currently being used and identify community preferences to help direct the 35th Ave NE neighborhood planning.

To make make sure we were able to hear from everyone who wanted to complete the survey and attempt to get a representative portion of the community, we had 4 methods for people to complete the survey.
  1. We had an online survey for people to complete.
  2. We had printed hardcopies of the survey stationed at local businesses for people could pick up or drop off surveys.
  3. We had versions of the survey available to print and mail in.  
  4. We completed intercept (face-to-face) surveys where we interviewed 35th Ave NE business district users.
We're grateful to the 1,041* people who responded to our survey over the 6 week period. Download the 35th Ave Survey Results: HTML link or Microsoft Excel (Note: HTML link does not appear to open correctly in the Google Chrome browser. Try opening in Firefox or IE Explorer.) 

Read Past Posts Summarizing the Results:

*We had 1,038 people complete the survey by July 14th.  However, we received 3 additional hard copy surveys in the mail that were post marked after July 14th. Therefore, the analysis above does not include these 3 hard copies.