Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ravenna-Bryant Community Seeks a More Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhood!

Earlier this year, the 35th Ave Committee undertook a survey to learn how the 35th Ave NE Business District is used and what its users seek in the future.  The results of that survey (see here and here) have shaped our planning efforts, including the scope of the grant we were recently awarded.

Shortly after we completed our survey though, the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association (who has endorsed our group and planning effort), put out their own survey for the NE 65th Street Business District. Part of the reason for th The boundaries that they included for their survey extended into the 35th Ave NE Business District planning area.

Recently, the RBCA summarized the results of their survey which showed some interesting differences and similarities.  However, in their summary of the results, the RBCA writes that:
"More than two-thirds of survey respondents said that development is good if the area becomes more walkable and streetscape is improved."
They also go on to report that 54% of residents plan to walk and 19% plan to bike to the new Roosevelt light rail station once it's open.

While the complete results were not published (at the time of writing), it appears that many respondents had similar concerns to our survey results as well.  Namely, people are concerned with the current and future vehicle traffic and parking availability, safety, and other similar concerns.

Kudos to the RBCA for taking on such a wonderful survey and doing such a marvelous job in summarizing the results.