Tuesday, January 6, 2015

THE FUTURE OF 35TH AVE NE - Final Report

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In January 2012, the 35th Ave Committee kicked off a proactive community-driven planning effort for the 35th Ave NE Business District. After 3 years of public meetings, field trips, data collection, Coffee Talks, surveying, being awarded a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoodsselecting a consultant team, hosting public workshops, collecting more data, and receiving the endorsements from the Wedgwood Community Council and Ravenna Bryant Community Association, we have finalized the Future of 35th Ave NE Plan final report.

This Future of 35th Ave NE Plan final report includes the following elements, which together, are intended to provide a foundation and direction for future development of the 35th Ave NE Business District as change occurs.
These three elements are intended to work together to shape the future of 35th Ave NE into the type of walkable business district desired by the community, improve the conditions which support the businesses that occur in the district, and provide improved predictibility for landowners and future developers. Therefore, considering only one of these elements in isolation does not provide the context and complete picture intended by this plan. If you have questions or concerns regarding this plan which are not addressed in the final report, please review the FAQ prepared.

There are many who we, the 35th Ave Committee, need to thank for helping to complete this report and playing a critical role in the quality of this document.
Engaging discussion between
neighbors during a public workshop.

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