Monday, July 7, 2014

What We Learned from Our Second Public Workshop

On June 11th, we hosted our 2nd of 3 public workshops to gather information from the community to develop streetscape guidelines and zoning recommendations.  Over 80 people attended the public workshop, which began with a brief presentation and overview of the planning process to date and followed by break-out sessions looking at zoning and streetscape options at the key "nodes" along the business district.

The presentation summarized the result of the 1st public workshop and provided background on how zoning and streetscape design alternatives were developed.  To help illustrate the potential extent of zoning changes, the consultant developed box illustrations of potential buildings if the business district was fully developed under different alternatives.

35th Ave Plan Public Workshop #2 from Wedgwood Community Council

After the presentation, 4 tables had been set up with posters illustrating potential streetscape design features and zoning alternatives.  Everyone was given a score sheet to fill out at each table where they were able to ask the consultants questions and provide feedback (see completed score sheets).  The consultants and members of the 35th Ave Committee were on hand to take notes.
The feedback from this 2nd public workshop will be used to refine the proposed zoning recommendations and streetscape guidelines which will be presented at the final July 31st public workshop at Messiah Lutheran Church from 7-9PM.  

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