UPDATE: The 35th Ave Committee selected Makers Architecture & Urban Design and SvR Design. The final report generated from this RFQ can be found HERE.

The 35th Ave Committee, a coalition of people from NE Seattle neighborhoods surrounding 35th Ave NE, is soliciting responses from qualified planning and urban design consultants for developing a streetscape plan and zoning recommendations for the 35th Ave NE business district.  This project is funded through a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Neighborhood Matching Fund grant.

Download a .PDF of the complete Request for Qualifications (RFQ) text HERE.

Background information referred to within RFQ include the following:
Questions on the RFQ should be emailed to the 35th Ave Committee Project Manager.  The deadline for questions is Friday, February 7th, 5PM. All submitted questions and corresponding responses will be posted below.

Responses to the RFQ from interested consultants shall be emailed by Friday, February 14th, 5PM.  The selected consultant will be notified by Friday, February 21st.


Q1: What is the scope (in blocks) for proposed rezoning?
A1: The boundary of our planning effort to date has been intentionally broad and generally extends north to south from NE 65th Street to NE 95th Street (approximately 30 blocks).  However, that distance does not necessarily reflect the business district, where we intend to focus the rezoning or streetscape plan.  The work requested within the RFQ would be intended to be focused in and around the existing business district area(s).  We would expect that the final boundary would be determined by the consultant and 35th Ave Committee based on previous community feedback, existing conditions, future potential, and the realities of the budget.

Q2: Can the proposal for services spell out suggested support tasks done by volunteers?
A2: As described above, the project is funded by a Dept. of Neighborhoods Matching Fund grant. Therefore, the 35th Ave Committee is required to demonstrate a significant match to meet the City's requirements of the funding.  The 35th Ave Committee is committed to working with the consultant to assist in completing the project objectives and complement the consultant's scope.  The 35th Ave Committee is intending to provide outreach to the community and potentially affected parties. Other tasks for the 35th Ave Committee may be identified by the consultant could be considered as well.

Q3: Will a cover letter count against the 8-page limit for responses to criterion 1 and 2 or be considered separate?  
A3: No. A cover letter will be considered separate and not count against the page limit requirements.  

Q4: Are you seeking streetscape details for the length of 35th from NE 95th to NE 70th?  Or, a subset of this length?
A4: Similar to Q1, we anticipate working with the consultant to define the limits of the streetscape plan based on previous community feedback, existing conditions, future potential, and the realities of budget. 

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